Where is the line between performance advantages and doping?

We see a remarkable performance in sport, but are left with a nagging doubts.

Mere weeks ago, we marveled at the rise of a nation who had invested heavily in their sport infrastructure and athletes to leverage hosting the Games – and to emerge in the final days to lead in gold and total medals. Another nation demonstrated blanket domination of one sport.

And now suspicions emerge about the moral edge. No, it is not cheating in the literal sense, but when enormous human, technical and financial resources are invested based on the outcomes of the Games, is it fair? Is it ethical? Have we lost our way?

All too often, when it appears to be unbelievable, it is.

Thank you to Matthew Beaudin and Velonews for the courage to speak out.


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Tough, Informed, engaged. Athlete centred, committed to good governance.
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