Where, oh where, has the corporate memory gone?

A recent media release boldly announced a current member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team as “the most decorated Canadian Alpine ski racer of all-time”.

There’s no question this athlete is very successful with great accomplishments and a respected leader of the team.

But let’s take a close look at the record of Nancy Greene.

Sure, it’s been a quite a while since Nancy thrilled Canadians with her Olympic and World Cup wins, but it was not all that long ago her record was acknowledged by being named Canadian Female Athlete of the 20th century (December, 1999). And it isn’t as if she’s been out of the news – Senator Greene-Raine – is known as a hard-working, respected member of the Senate.

Nancy hasn’t held the record of most World Cup podiums for quite some time. That’s a title that was held until very recently by Steve Podborski at 20. But she does hold the benchmark for most World Cup wins (13), most Olympic medals (2) and most overall World Cup titles (2). In fact, she’s the only Canadian to win an overall title.

Defining who is “most decorated” is a subjective debate.

But I’ll go with Nancy’s record. I bet the entire alpine ski racing community would as well.

Tiger, in my books, you are still the “most decorated”.

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1 Response to Where, oh where, has the corporate memory gone?

  1. Robin Mqy says:

    Hear, Hear! And in all three (at the time disciplines). If you went with WC starts and winning percentage…she is way ahead!

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