Perspectives: Debate makes our sport stronger

“Debate, is positive. Every opinion has merit. It demonstrates people care.”

I sense a new perspective has emerged in the sport:education dialogue, which is a very positive development for alpine ski racing. Skiing History recently published an interview with Bob Beattie, which took a long look at the role NCAA skiing plays in our sport.

Beattie does not shy away from clearly expressing his views. The former coach, alpine director and long-time broadcast commentator always has strong opinions about the directions and future of our sport and he is not afraid to be critical. His lengthy service with both University of Colorado and the US Ski Team uniquely positions him as a person with experience.  Bob expresses his concern about the “alarming” state of NCAA skiing in a Q&A with Edith Thys Morgan.

As a Canadian, I don’t agree entirely with his concerns about foreign athletes and the possible demise of NCAA skiing. But Bob has decades of experience. Corporate memory is essential to ensure we do not condemn ourselves to repeating the same mistakes over and over. So this article is a very worthwhile read in understanding where we have come from and how we can thoroughly understand the issues.

I do agree with his opinion that UNI racing and integrating these athletes into a robust development pathway including the National Team program can be a vital tool to lift ski racing.

Here is the link to Bob’s interview:

Also, consider becoming a member of the International Ski History Association with the benefit receiving “Skiing History”.

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